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Welcome to A comedy series about Blossom Russo, an astute and witty teenage girl coming of age in a Los Angeles household with her two older brothers and divorced father. Nick, her dad, is a studio musician. Her married brother Anthony is a recovering substance abuser, while her other brother, Joey, is a teenage would-be Lothario. Blossom's best friend is Six who got her name because she was the sixth child in her family.Nick eventually marries Carol, who moves into the Russo home with her young daughter Kennedy; Joey gets signed with a minor-league baseball team; Anthony and wife Shelly have a baby and move away; and Blossom takes up acting. This site will provide you with all the episode from blossom tv show. Currently only episodes from season 1 and season 2 available. I will try to update this site with other Blossom tv show episodes as soon as possible. Stay tuned.

Update June 21, 2013 : Season 1 episode 2 - Season 2 episode 05, 06, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 & 24 added.

Episode Title Aired Date
s1e01 Pilot 07/05/1990 
s1e02 Blossom Blossoms 01/03/1991 
s1e03 My Sister's Keeper 01/07/1991 
s1e04 Dad's Girlfriend 01/14/1991 
s1e05 Who's In Charge Here 01/21/1991 
s1e06 Sex, Lies and Teenagers 02/04/1991 
s1e07 I Ain't Got No Buddy 02/11/1991 
s1e08 Thanx For The Memorex 02/18/1991 
s1e09 The Geek 02/25/1991 
s1e10 Tough Love 03/04/1991 
s1e11 Such A Night 03/11/1991 
s1e12 School Daze 03/25/1991 
s1e13 Papa Little Divident 04/08/1991 
s1e14 Love Stinks! 04/29/1991 
s2e01 Second Base 09/16/1991 
s2e02 Here Comes The Buzz! 09/23/1991 
s2e03 The Joint 09/30/1991 
s2e04 I'm With The Band 10/07/1991 
s2e05 Honor 10/14/1991 
s2e06 To Tell The Truth 10/21/1991 
s2e07 Intervention 11/04/1991 
s2e08 Run For The Border 11/11/1991 
s2e09 Rockumentary 11/18/1991 
s2e10 Expectations 11/25/1991 
s2e11 You Can't Go Home 12/02/1991 
s2e12 This Old House 19/09/1991 
s2e13 It's a Marginal LIfe 12/16/1991 
s2e14 The Test 01/06/1992 
s2e15 Hot For Teacher 01/13/1992  
s2e16 Three O'Clock and All is Hell 01/20/1992  
s2e17 Losers WIn 02/10/1992  
s2e18 The Letter 02/17/1992  
s2e19 Wake Up Little Suzy 02/24/1992  
s2e20 You Must Remember This 03/02/1992  
s2e21 House Guest 03/23/1992  
s2e22 Whines and Misdemeanors 04/06/1992  
s2e23 Driver's Education 04/27/1992  
s2e24 Spring Fever 05/04/1992  

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